Flamingo Spotting: Los Angeles, USA

Pictured above is a newly discovered Plastic Pink Flamingo, spotted by Plastic Pink Flamingo Activist (PPFA) Simon Arthur. This flamingo, although sadly bleached by the sun and possibly quite lonely, nonetheless has a relatively good life ranging free in a green hillside pasture.

So why do we include him on this website? Well, here is what Plastic Pink Flamingo Activist (PPFA) Simon Arthur has to say:

This is the flamingo on our hill.  It’s not as sad as your others. If you want, I could mess it up, so it’s suitably sad for the media. But of course that raises all sorts of ethical questions, and whether the sadness of this flamingo is worth all the other flamingos’ potential happiness, from the furore and exposure.

A tricky question, for sure…

Simon – we understand your moral dilemma.

Sometimes, it’s very hard to be an activist. You make a point, and you stake an action area: Plastic Pink Flamingos are suffering all over, and we have a duty to help them by any means necessary. But then, you see countless examples of Plastic Pink Flamingos that are not suffering, and you wonder “Have I go this wrong? Are Plastic Pink Flamingos fine, after all? Is there any need for intervention? Is my life’s work of any value?”

And then, you see images like these, below  (WARNING: May upset delicate sensibilities).

1. Two humiliated flamingos being forced to copulate for public entertainment.


2. A beheaded flamingo being paraded on the internet, for all to see.


3. A despicable, medieval image of torture, reminiscent of the foulest imaginings of depraved Hollywood scriptwriters.


Images like these, and the oral reports of countless undocumented instances of Plastic Pink Flamingo abuse are disheartening and heartening, in equal measure. On the one hand, Plastic Pink Flamingos are clearly suffering and that is depressing. On the other hand, one now can rest assured that one’s work has value.

And so our work continues. Onwards, Plastic Pink Flamingo Activists (PPFAs)!

Credit: Flamingo-spotting + Photo by Simon Arthur in Los Angeles