Plastic Pink Flamingo Rescue: Flores

He has a name.

His name is Flores.

He has rights.

His rights include to live comfortably, cared for, with his color intact and other flamingo companionship.

His name is Flores. We will remember his name.

Will you?

Flores saying goodbye to a friend. A poignant moment… If only we could save them all!

In early July, we went deep undercover to mount a covert rescue mission. Due to the sensitive nature of the operation, we were only able to save on Pink Plastic Flamingo, named Flores.

We did however make an in-person pledge to the rest of the flock: We won’t forget you, we’ll keep an eye on your abusers, we’ll be back, and we’ll give you better lives.

Meanwhile, our very brave new friend – Flores – is being rehabilitated and cared for at the Plastic Pink Flamingo Preservation Society HQ in Los Angeles.

We will keep you posted on his progress.