Our Work

Founded in 2015, The Plastic Pink Flamingo Preservation Society is an organization devoted to alleviating the suffering of plastic pink flamingos, wherever they may be, and by any means necessary through targeted interventions and artist-led make-overs.


Our work encompasses three principal modes of action:

We identify Plastic Pink Flamingos in Crisis, and alert the world to their plight.

We implement our unique patented three-part rescue strategy for Plastic Pink Flamingos in crisis: Salvage, make-over, release. ™

We unmask and publicly shame perpetrators of cruelty to Plastic Pink Flamingos, using the public internet tools at our disposal.



We ask that concerned citizens make use of the internet to share the plight of Plastic Pink Flamingos in crisis in their community. Simply upload a picture of the flamingo to Instagram, tag the location, and use the hashtag #plasticpinkflamingosarepeopletoo. Our dedicated tech crisis response team will assess the case, and unleash the appropriate response. Thank you for your vigilance.


Together, we can wipe out worldwide abuse of Plastic Pink Flamingos, modern humanity’s most tenacious, most shameful scourge.




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